Office Furniture SolutionsYou are remodeling your office, and ergonomic office furniture solutions are included in the mix. Sounds impressive, but what is an ergonomic office? Ergonomics is a term that health professionals and marketing managers have determined sounds professional when applied to office furniture solutions. Ergonomics means making things comfier and more efficient. You might want to think of ergonomics as “a comfy employee is an efficient employee.”

If there is any furniture solution you could change in your working day, it would probably be your chair. Evidence proves that being stuck in a chair for too long increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and worsens back pain. Sitting too long can be just as bad or worse than smoking. Think about it – many people who have office jobs develop problems like joint and neck pain, numbness, spinal misalignment, and maybe herniated discs. Skeletal problems come from sitting too long on a poor quality chair that has no support.

In two studies printed in 1990 and again in 2003, researchers found that efficiency goes up more than 17 percent when you sit in an adjustable chair and do your work in an ergonomic setting. The right chair combined with proper sitting training, yes there is such a thing as proper sitting training, can decrease office injuries.


You may not have back problems or wrist problems, but you still need an ergonomic chair. A comfy efficient chair can help you maintain the right posture to alleviate muscle strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, and spinal disc injuries.

The National Institute of Health advises that you chose a chair with all the necessary adjustments to support good posture. A chair with casters and a five-point base is perfect. A five-point base includes a seat made with either foam padding or coils. It includes a backrest that is curved or small enough to fit the small of your back. Look for soft armrests with adjustable height and width, a hydraulic seat adjustment feature, and tilt modification to transfer body weight to the chair’s backrest.

You are intrigued, so you go searching through the internet for the perfect office chair. You find it! The best office chair developed by physicians and engineers with an exposed exoskeleton that imitates the human spine. To keep your spine in alignment, the chair’s back moves with you. Your lower back is supported, and you do no adjustments yourself. Sounds lovely, but at over $1000 this is not a chair that management will see as an office furniture solution.


Scroll down a bit and find a furniture office solution that is under $100. Suggest a mid-back mesh chair that is comfortable and fits your company’s budget. This chair exists and has a sturdy five-wheel base with an ergonomically contoured back that gives you the support you need.

You may think a chair like this is an impossible find, but using the knowledge of Office Furniture Solutions, you can find the perfect chair, purchase it, and work happily ever after.

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