We love to exceed expectations with our interior architecture and design services along with our commercial furniture procurement and installation roles. Our high-end processes allow for exploring specific options within your budget. Giving you what you want.

OFS Interiors

We specialize in the productivity and efficiency of commercial spaces that are aesthetically pleasing. OFS Interiors is a licensed design firm providing design consults, stamped drawings, and renderings not only for office projects, but hotels, senior living, dental offices, and more. We are at the ready to transform your space even if it means moving some walls around.

Wether it’s updating lighting fixtures in an office or bringing your brand to life through fabrics, wall coverings, window coverings and other fixtures. We have the experts to consult and design your project from beginning to end.

You need furniture, we got furniture. We get you what your space needs. Available is a variety of styles for workstations, task chairs, guest chairs, desks, lounge and the list goes on and on. Because we have so many manufacture lines to choose from we narrow it down so you can easily select what you like.

To get a project done right, within budget and on time you need a trusted partner. We pride ourselves in organization of projects, outlining the scope of work and following through on achieving milestone dates. Keeping you informed every step of the way.

Our skilled team delivers and sets up your commercial furniture respecting the space it is going into. We take care to ensure that no damage is done to flooring, walls, or the furniture itself.

OFS Interiors

OFS Interiors wants to make your space awesome without breaking the bank, and that includes offering financing options to suit your specific needs. Welcome to hassle-free commercial furniture.