Interior Design TrendsWhat Are The 2020 Interior Design Trends

Your space carries your brand’s identity. Giving it a regular revamp helps improve your business’ overall image. Good interior design also influences both your employee and client’s behavior. That is why developing and designing commercial spaces is crucial to the company and its clients. At OFS Interiors (known to provide the best industrial Interior design in Salt Lake City), we make sure to give you the best quality architecture and design services. With the ever-changing behavior and preferences of the people, being up to date, flexible, and innovative creates a positive psychological impact. The same reason that regular revamping on commercial spaces is encouraged.

Nowadays, businesses gravitate toward sustainable adaptability. It helps and encourages its employees to be more creative and innovative. This brings us to the first commercial Interior design trends for 2020

Sustainable design

Sustainability has inspired not just residential spaces but also commercial spaces, bringing in an environmentally friendly approach. This design concept builds the company’s connection to nature, in a way to show how they give back to the community. It encourages a healthy way of both working and living. Swapping to an eco-friendly interior such as those with energy-saving technology for lights is now gaining traction among those looking out for design trends.

Dynamic and Flexibility space or multifunctional workspaces

Dynamic spaces are becoming the “new normal.” Thus, the emergence of multifunctional workspaces. Mobility, lightweight-ness, and functionality of the design are now meant to encourage employees to be more productive. It also makes them more active and creative. Thus, it motivates their social skills, which, in turn, fosters a community culture.

Traditional workspaces have evolved into people working remotely. However, this may not be entirely out of the picture, yet creating an informal workspace that adapts to the current working style, such as redesigning the concept of your cubicles from a fully enclosed area to a more visible and open space, is ideal. This makes the dynamic spaces effective – which aims more on the output than the hours spent in the office. This also brings us to the next top trend of 2020.


Incorporating residential furniture and other elements into your commercial space creates a more homey and relaxing atmosphere for your employees and clients. This creates a warm, conversational, and friendly aura that could help gain the trust between people moving in the space. This choice of style is also proven to improve employees’ retention. It also results in your employees wanting to spend more time at work and helps your clients feel more comfortable. Because of this, curved furniture is making a comeback. It used to be famous during that ’60s and ’70s, and with a little modern revamping, it is now back in the game. Not only that, but furniture that mimics the elements of nature (though real ones are even better) is also becoming visible to the interior and exterior homes and commercial spaces.

To create an effort of a homey vibe, some elements found in your home are getting more ubiquitous in workplaces. Apart from the furniture commonly found at home, kitchens are becoming part of the working environment, thus completing the “home” vibe. The fusion of home and work functionalities bring your employees in a welcoming, relaxed, and carefree environment. They are attracting remote workers to come back to the office.

Recreational space

Focusing on the well-being of the employees is essential as stress from work becomes difficult to handle. That is why recreational space is now available and becomes a necessity for businesses. This may not apply especially to companies who have smaller areas, however creating areas to unwind, such as play area or just a simple sit-stand desk is a start. This breaks the monotony from work. It helps refresh the employees’ mood and is proven to increase the employee’s work performance and productivity.

Biophilic design

Biophilic design is an approach where nature meets your commercial space. Since society gravitates towards ecological sustainability, incorporating natural elements like hanging/vertical live plants, indoor plants, rocks, water features, and the like create a natural outdoor ambiance. Research also shows that incorporating plants into your commercial spaces purifies the air you breathe naturally. This highly beneficial, especially for small, contained areas. It is also proven to reduce stress and keeps you calm, making it the perfect added element to balance working space. The incorporation of wood is also a popular biophilic design, making an impression of a conscious attitude towards sustainability.

Daylighting and repurposed materials

Lighting plys a big part in creating the type of vibe you want into your space. With the extension of sustainability trends, daylighting is the way to go. Daylighting is also known as Natural light. It psychologically impacts your employees’ overall well-being, comfort, and makes them feel more grounded. Thus, it provides an option for indoor-outdoor access. Not only that, lights that promote recycled materials, are also in the loop, making the light, the focal point of your commercial space as a form of art.

Pantone blue and Earth colors

Color creates the overall mood of your space. It can give specific stimulation, such as setting the mood to calmness (green or blue), increasing your appetite (red or orange), and so on. It can also create an illusion that alters your perception to make your space look big or small. In this year 2020, ‘Earth’ colors and Pantone blue is the new trend. It keeps your area in a more neutral, warm, settling tone. However, earth colors can be a bit tricky and takes a bit of experimentation to match your space. At the same time, Pantone blue is a versatile and sophisticated color that you can use to accentuate your interiors. It evokes trust and faith, creating an immediate psychological bond within your company and client relation. Overall, these colors bring a greater connection to mother earth.

Encaustic Tile

While Pantone blue and earth colors play a dominant role in the year 2020 choice of tones, colorful pop-up encaustic tile is one creative way to give a more vibrant look into your space. This displays a fun personality of the area, uplifting your employee’s overall mood, making it more desirable. This can be applied both on your flooring or displayed on your walls as an added accent.

Monochromatic expressions

Monochromatic colors are different tones taken from one color. Though this style is not new in the interior design industry, it is currently being utilized with a little twist as an updated version each year. When incorporated in your space, this kind of color choice creates a more holistic and unified approach. It creates a clean yet elegant look, thus making your area more appealing.

Interior designing is not just creativity and aesthetics, and many would be surprised to know that behind their creative thoughts is calculated science. More than lines, colors, shape, form, value, space, and texture are precise calculations of elemental placement. And interior designers make sure to keep all these elements in balance to maximize each functionality. As pleasing as these 2020 trends are, your space’s design should still reflect your company’s uniqueness and brand. That is why hiring a professional interior designer is the best choice to put your ideas into action. Choose the best, choose OFS interiors today.